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Safety Enforcement

The success of the J. and E. Duff, Inc. Safety program will be largely dependent upon employee cooperation and strict compliance with established safety rules, regulations, policies, etc. While management and labor share safety responsibilities, management must establish and enforce a policy by which habitual safety offenders are disciplined.
Those individuals who repeatedly refuse to cooperate with our efforts in providing a safe place of employment for all employees will be notified and will be subject to removal from the jobsite.
The safety orientation provided to "new hires" shall intone the verbal message that violations of the rules and regulations contained within the Occupational Safety and Health Standards and/or the J. and E. Duff, Inc. Safety Manual Practices may result in disciplinary action.


First Offense-Verbal Warning
In those instances where an employee is observed committing an unsafe act, the worker is to be informed that his actions are jeopardizing his or her fellow workers' safety. The exact nature of the violation and what is acceptable is to be thoroughly detailed to the employee. The violation is to be brought to the attention of the area superintendent and an informal written note made and sent to the Safety Administrator to be filed in the employee's personnel file.

If an employee willfully violates safety procedures, he is subject to immediate removal from the jobsite or termination.
Second Offense-Warning Letter
In the event that an employee is observed committing a second unsafe act, a formal written warning will be issued (Notice to Employee - Corrective Action, Appendix A). This letter will explain, in detail, the nature of the safety violation. The letter will be copied to the Payroll Department and area superintendent. Employee and steward must sign the form in appropriate places.
Third Offense-Removal From Project
If an employee continues to engage in unsafe work practices and/or willfully violates safety prodedures, he is subject to immediate removal from the jobsite or termination.
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